Romantic Farm: Inspirational, Clean Romance

| July 4, 2017


A romantic story about a farm girl finding herself, due to life’s circumstances, caught up in a big city with the man she loves. She yearns for the freedom and space of her earlier years, but seems impossibly trapped in her new life. Can she find a way out to live the life she loves with the man she loves?

Ruth grew up on her family farm but due to tragic circumstances, she had to move to a big city to make her life there. She met the love of her life, Peter and married him. In all respects of her life but one, Ruth was happy and successful.

But the gnawing pain in her heart of the loss she had experienced when she was wrenched out of her idyllic life in the country kept coming back to haunt her quiet moments.
Will this pain come between her and the man she loves so much?

Reviewers have said:

“So much emotion and so many memories in so few pages.
It takes a certain skill set to pare a lifetime of experiences and dreams into a snapshot. To paint a full, beautiful picture with so few words. To leave a reader with such feelings that will forever enlighten their futures” Avid Bookworm

“Reminds me of my father’s childhood Kansas farm. I, too, bought the family farm of peaceful, grazing cattle. I could relate to Ruth’s pull-at-the-heartstrings memories. She relayed her feelings well.” Olive H. Pollak

“A beautiful story about a farm girl who spent her childhood in Nature. She appears to have transitioned seamlessly into the city life, but has this sense of restlessness and longing for her childhood farm life and the freedom she experienced growing up in the mountains.” Colleen

“Very interesting book. Simple but it leaves you with a desire to work for your goals. Recommended to anyone who wants to succeed in life.” Cristina


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