Baby, I’m Back! (Return to Redemption, Book 2)

| July 5, 2017


She’s trying to forget the pleasure in her ex’s arms
He’s doing his damnedest to remind her

Fledgling entrepreneur Samantha Riverà is in charge of her own life for the first time and determined to keep it that way. She’s attempting to banish her call-all-the-shots ex-husband, who could charm the knickers off a nun, from her dreams. Unfortunately, it’s kind of tough forgetting the Zorro look-alike who’s willing to do anything for her, except give her the only two things she wants–another baby and his love.

Corporate vice president Nicolàs Riverà’s refusal to sire a second child ultimately destroyed his marriage. His ex-wife has no clue how terrified he is of losing her to another high-risk pregnancy. Now, Nick will stop at nothing to get his family back–even if it means blackmailing his way into his ex-wife’s home–and with any luck–her bed and her heart.

Not for those seeking a ‘sweet’ romance


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