Author interview with DK Herman of ‘Dig Deeper: A Hallie James Mystery’

Author Interview with DK Herman

Seasoned private investigator, Hallie James, moves back to her hometown and discovers a serial killer is using her family’s property to dispose of his victims. Investigating the murders she gets too close to a monster who enjoys torture and murder.



Will Hallie James be able to solve the murder of the monster in time? DK Herman has returned today to chat about ‘Dig Deeper’. DK, last time we chatted we talked about the third book in the Hallie James Mystery series ‘Down Colder’, but we’re going back in history to chat about the first book in the series ‘Dig Deeper’. Looking back, do you remember how ‘Dig Deeper’ came to life?

Dig Deeper evolved from a nightmare.



Oh, a nightmare isn’t good, but at least you’ve turned the negative around into a positive. So when you were pulling this nightmare from its dream state into a story what did you find were the driving factors? Were the characters driving what was going on, or were you fitting the characters to hit points in the plot?

The characters tell me what they do and say.



That’s nice of them! Do they give you some forewarning about what they want to do so that you can do things like outline?            

I outline before I write, but the characters have more control than I do.



Do you enjoy writing and working with your characters?

I enjoy writing. I’ll pass the time in a line, or waiting in a doctor’s office by making up amusing back-stories for the strangers around me.



That’s an awesome technique to keep those creative juices flowing. When you have those creative juices flowing, how do you corral this into getting words on the page?

I write daily, anywhere I’m comfortable. Usually, on my porch or on my bed.



Being productive and comfortable at the same time is one the favourite things that I love about writing. Other than enjoying cozy productiveness else do you find rewards from your writing?

People enjoy my books! It was a surprise and is so rewarding.



I don’t think that there’s a better surprise for a writer than finding that people love your work! That must have been so much fun to learn that your writing was connecting with readers. Before you were getting this feedback, did you find that your had already learnt things from the writing itself?

Yes, I learned to have more confidence in myself and to be persistent.



And I’m sure that you’ve held onto that confidence and persistence and applied it to new books. What are you working on now?

I’m working on the fourth Hallie James Mystery.



That’s great news for the readers! More Hallie is on the horizon! We can almost see the horizon of this interview, but before I let you return to Hallie’s world, let’s have a little fun with some slightly silly questions out of my quick fire question set. And apparently I need to add some new curly ones because the first question that I’ve pulled out today is do you have any tips for self-publishing for other authors?

Write every day and don’t give up.



Never give up on something that is as much fun as writing! Have you tangoed in the snow?

I’m from Pennsylvania. I’ve done a lot of things in the snow!



*Laughs* When you have as much snow as Pennsylvania gets you need to learn to take advantage of it! Are you left or right handed?




Finally, to entice readers who may still be on the fence about getting into Hallie’s life, can you share your favourite line from ‘Dig Deeper’?

“I’ve worked tough cases before, but this one is at my backdoor.”



I hope Hallie can work those tough cases in ‘Dig Deeper’ and continue on in her new adventures. DK, thanks for sharing Hallie’s first adventure in ‘Dig Deeper’ with the readers today and I hope to see you and Hallie again soon!



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