Palm Beach Detective: Sunny Skies, Shady People

| July 22, 2013


Palm Beach Detective: Sunny Skies, Shady People

Speculating on death in Palm Beach.

An insurance salesman buys a policy on your life which he later sells and you split the profit. Seemed like a no brainer until Frank learns that other buyers are dying. He calls his friend Tony, an insurance detective, for help. Sensing his best friend and mentor is in danger; Tony flies to Palm Beach and meets Frank at the Palm Beach Grill. While at the bar listening to Frank’s story Tony flirts with the image of an attractive brunette in the mirror.

“His eyes slowly followed the line of her bare shoulder down the smooth tanned arm, stopping briefly at the bent elbow to enjoy her narrow waist, than up again past two plain gold bracelets to the long slim fingers playing with her hair. No ring. There was both sensuousness and class in this well-groomed woman’s hands.”

Enjoying his interest she smiles a reply, but before he can approach her she disappears. While searching for Frank’s potential killer, Tony visits the homes and haunts of the rich and famous, always with an eye out for the woman in the mirror, only to find she may be tied to the people who will benefit from the ,000,000 on Frank’s life.

“A ghoulish gamble for investors. The sooner the policyholder dies the more profit they make.” -Matthew Goldstein’s Business Week


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