Medical Romance Box Set: Her Doctors: Her Chief Resident, Her Hot Doctor, and Her Trauma Doctor (Baily Mills Hospital Books 1,2 and 3)

| July 8, 2017


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Looking for some entertainment to cuddle up with? This medical romance box set includes the first three books in the Baily Mills Hospital Series! Enjoy three stories back to back about sexy, intriguing doctors acting with courage and caring.

Book 1: Her Chief Resident

Follow Danielle Spear as she starts out her neurosurgery residency program with a pounding heart. She’s realized that she has a massive crush on her chief resident! Not only is he her superior, but he is super sexy and she can not stop her imagination from going wild with the things she’d like to do to him…

Doctor Jack Pace is a man who is used to achieving his goals. Falling for his beautiful intern is definitely not a part of his plan! But he can’t deny the way he feels for her…and so he suggests that they try a simulation date– just to see what it would be like. Will these two be able to untangle their hearts, once certain lines have been crossed?

He saw her approaching and opened the door wider. He had tucked a thick navy terrycloth towel around his waist, and it sat low on his hips, exposing the muscular angles of his abdomen as it descended behind the towel.

“Can you hand me my….” His words faded as she walked towards him, not stopping where he’d expected her to. He froze, as though he suddenly realized that he stood in front of her in only a towel. There was very little between them.

It felt good to be holding the cards. She stepped towards him, and ran her finger along his bare chest. He sighed, with pleasure or frustration, she wasn’t sure. She drew a circle with her fingertip along his nipple, and then traced a line down over his stomach…

She was looking at him, watching emotions cross his face as he struggled to remain composed.

“Don’t” he said, as she teased her finger over his abdomen just above the towel.

“I won’t,” she said. “I know there are some rules to this game.”

He looked as though he was about to forget about rules entirely, but they both knew that would not do.

“I just think that there’s one more thing I want to know,” she let her fingers glide up his torso again, slowly, her fingernail barely grazing his chest, “before I decide about our date.”

“What do you want to know?” he asked, his husky voice met her ears in a whisper.

Book 2: Her Hot Doctor

When Cassidy Novotny is rudely diagnosed by the rebellious Doctor Zeb Morgan while at her friend’s bachelorette party, Cassidy’s life is turned abruptly upside down. Cassidy finds herself in the care of this smokin’ hot doctor, and that’s quite all right with her! His touches are a wonderful distraction from the diagnosis that she faces.

Doctor Morgan is know-it-all neurosurgeon with a few skeletons in his closet. Even though Cassidy is his patient, he can’t help but notice how kissable her lips are! He is unable to control his body’s visceral reaction to her mere presence in a room. How is he supposed to operate on her?

He might not have to, because the night before her surgery, Cassidy goes missing….

Will he be able to give her another chance at life?

Book 3: Her Trauma Doctor

It seems that nothing in RN Lucy Lavigne’s life is going as planned. Her live-in boyfriend of four years has left her with a house under renovations, and she feels lost and abandoned. When a research study puts her in close contact with the intimidating trauma surgeon Knox Payten (known to the nursing staff as ‘The Beast’) she finds that maybe things are better than she thought.

Knox Payten has experienced more than his fair share of trauma and loss. He longs for freedom from the memories that haunt him.

Can Lucy help Knox heal from his traumas, and find the freedom that he desires? Can Knox give Lucy the love and safety that she deserves?

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