Denial of Credit

| July 10, 2017


When a noted public figure invites journalist Mike Stanhope to ghost-write his autobiography, Mike jumps at the offer. He can use the money, and his life needs a new direction. He has no idea of the frightening ride that awaits him.

The job starts ominously. The subject of the book, business magnate Alan Treadwell, proves a hard man to please, and soon Mike discovers things about his past that that he’d rather not know: things, moreover, that someone else also seems much too keen to keep quiet. Reluctant to take Treadwell’s story at face value, Mike does his own digging, but all this does is land him in trouble.

Mike hopes he’ll learn more from Joe, the original writer he’s been recruited to replace, but trying to track him down merely adds to Mike’s problems. Warnings turn into threats, before Mike knows it his very life is on the line.

Meanwhile, Mike’s hard-won relationship with his girlfriend is faltering, and the prospect of an appealing new involvement throws everything into doubt. The action builds to an explosive climax as the multiple threads of this complex mystery are finally drawn together.

The taut narrative and tight plotting of ‘Denial of Credit’ ensure that it works as a compelling stand-alone novel, delivering fast pace, an intricate story line, vivid characters and dialogue, and a steady build-up to its dramatic conclusion. Yet readers of its two engrossing predecessors, ‘Alternative Outcome’ and ‘Deficit of Diligence’, will be delighted to rejoin Mike Stanhope, and learn that for this avowedly ordinary man, life continues to be anything but.

‘Brilliant! Loved this. Each book gets better.’

Mike Stanhope Mysteries

1. Alternative Outcome
2. Deficit of Diligence
3. Denial of Credit

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