Home Groupies III

| July 11, 2017


Home Groupies III is the third novella in this ‘thought for the day’ series. HG3 continues the story of a friends from the same home group who both struggle with and savor life. Like it’s predecessors, HG3 has been described as funny, quirky, and often insightful. A sampling of HG3’s daily messages follow.

“Today I will remember I can’t chase an addiction without leaving a loved one in the dust.”

“Today I will be grateful as I remember the old adage: Wasted not, wanted not,” (at least not by law enforcement.)

“Today I will be grateful I’m not stark, craving, mad.”

“Today I will take heart. While evil may be deliberately hidden, a lot of good goes unnoticed.”

“Today I will remember confidence often comes from doing things despite not feeling confident.”

“Today I will try to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Today I will not feel obligated by social obligations.”

“Today I will remember, a thousand $1 gestures are worth 1,000 times more than one $1,000 gesture.”

“Today I will remember the smallest step often covers the greatest distance.”

“Today I will remember an ounce of preparation prevents a pound of sore.”

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