Killing Time

| July 12, 2017


In Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter explains to Alice that he is trapped in a never-ending tea party because the Queen of Hearts sentenced him to death for ‘murdering time.’ He escapes death, but Time itself is so incensed at this attempt on his life he stops himself at 6:00 pm., freezing the Hatter at that moment for eternity.
‘Killing Time’ takes the reader back to that moment and explains in vivid and humorous detail the events that lead to the Hatter’s conviction, his farcical trial, the White Rabbit’s involvement and the bittersweet conclusion.
Faced with the challenge of acting as the Queen’s prosecutor against the Hatter, W.R. has to battle with his conscience as to whether to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law—execution by beheading—or find a way of defending the accused. If he fails to win a conviction or (miraculously) acquitting the Hatter of his crime, the Queen, and her lackeys the jury, will have his head!
This is the first story in “The White Rabbit Tales” series. Watch for others to follow at two week intervals.

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