The Dale Family Adventures: Six children solve mysteries in a fantasy world

| July 12, 2017


Influenced by their grandmother’s bedtime stories, the Dale family children experience adventures throughout the year of festivals and holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and St. Patricks day. A charming story where six children travel to fantasy worlds and realms. They encounter witches, fairies, wizards, evil sorcerers, ghosts, goblins, pirates, scarecrows, leprechauns, trolls, monsters and Santa Claus. Their father, a crime detective, investigates the mystery of weird legends, folk lore, strange illusions, and visions. The children dream of new adventures and their imagination creates talking animals who assist them in helping unfortunate victims. In the real world, they come face to face with the brutalities of human nature, but their parents teach them to meet injustice with forgiveness, a moral virtue. They carry these ethics with them into the mythical world. Their kindness to the scarecrow was repaid when he later saved them from disaster.


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