Nuclear: The Sci-fi Alien Fantasy Thriller Continues (Octagon Concept Series Book 3)

| July 12, 2017


While the Dashwood family plan an undercover operation to find out more about the Octacions and the global alien takeover, they bond with a group of feisty unpredictable American soldiers. Together they are drawn into an adventure on a personnel carrier orbiting the planet but will they make it out alive?

Patriarch of the family and leader of the alien force, Jack Dashwood, is captured but his fiery grand-daughter plots his release. After such a betrayal, Dash doesn’t know if he can trust his daughter again. She’s not the only one who has been betrayed. The young son of a local family flees to join the Octagon Concept troop training exercise in Edinburgh. His treachery has far reaching consequences for one of the American soldiers.

Meet new characters and follow the exciting story of the Dashwoods and their fight against the Octagon Concept.

To be continued.

Books by Wilson Freighter
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Nuclear – Book 3

Look out for other books in the series.

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