Author interview with Marie Story of ‘Traveling Through Tokyo: A Kids’ Travel Guide’

Author Interview with Marie Story

Jump into an exciting travel adventure with Kipling, the Pug with a Passport! Ride along with Kip as he travels through the big, busy city of Tokyo. Join him as he learns about the country and culture of Japan with his friend, Taiki. Explore with Kip as he rides the train and learns to play taiko. Tag along as he tries sushi, learns some Japanese, and makes new friends!


Kip the travelling pug has hit the road again and has returned in his second book to travel to Japan! Marie Story, the author behind the travelling pug has kindly come back to to share Kip’s latest adventure. Marie, thanks for bringing us up to date with Kip’s travels!  What inspired Kip’s journey to Japan?

The idea came as many of my ideas do: while I was walking my pugs. I rushed home and got started immediately.



I love that your pugs inspired the character of Kip, but also give you the ability to let you mind wander all around in the world on your walks to the next exciting destination! Last time we chatted you mentioned that you spent time in Japan as a child. Was research required despite your first hand knowledge?

Yes. Though I grew up in Japan and was pretty familiar with the culture, it still took a bit of research to get the details right.



I have to admit that I would love to see the mix of these Japanese details, Kit and his adventures translated to the screen. Do you think they could get find a pug cute enough to play Kit onscreen?

I expect it would need to be an animated film.



You’re probably right, animating it would probably be best! Before it gets translated to the big screen we can still share in Kit’s adventures on the page. What is the most important idea that you hope reader’s take from Kit’s adventures?

Get out and explore the world.



Where in the world is our intrepid pug exploring next?

The next books in this series: Kip is off to Mexico City next!



How exciting! Marie thanks for dropping in to share a taste of Kip’s Asian adventure, and I hope to hear more about Kip’s merriment in Mexico City in the future!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Traveling Through Tokyo: A Kids’ Travel Guide ( ASIN: B01MV6OU0D )‘.

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