The Gates of Nottingham

| July 13, 2017


“They stole everything from him. Now, he’s going to get it all back.”

Having escaped bondage to fight in the Crusades, Robin returns home to claim the land King Richard bequeathed him and the love he left behind. What he finds instead is another man occupying the land that should be his- the same man that has married the love of Robin’s life, Marion. He finds torture and starvation of his people at the hands of the evil sheriff of Nottingham and Marion’s husband, Sir Guy of Gisbourne.

The sheriff and Gisbourne are doing everything in their power to usurp the throne. The only thing standing between them and success is the newly crowned king of the outlaws, Robin Hood.

Amongst a tournament designed to cover embezzlement, thefts, hostage exchanges, double bluffs, the shady information of several spies, and one great battle, it’s up to each character to outwit the other. But Robin’s lasting love for Marion and Gisbourne’s obsession with her stand in the way of their logic and at times the personal stakes take precedent over the political ones.

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