30 The Dragonfly Catcher

| July 14, 2017


Love is a splendid thing when you can find it, but sometimes sex with a stranger can be more eye opening. Be careful when seeking validation in a state of desperation, because when the true you comes to the surface, you may not like what you see. CaSandra found this out at the very end, even though she knew that she was a fragmented woman with three sides to her personality.

CaSandra is a completely self-absorbed woman who looks upon the opposite sex not as men, but as objects to be used for her own sordid gratification. When she’s not referring to them as “dragonflies,” she classifies them with the dismissive phrase, “testosterone and cologne.” A manipulative, narcissistic woman who is usually in control, CaSandra’s disastrous 30-year relationship with a married “dragonfly” ultimately leads to an irreparable personality schism.

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