Montenegro or Bust

| July 14, 2017


Inspired by the “Three Men Go To Venice” program on BBC2 with Griff Rhys Jones, Rory McGrath and Dara O’Briain briefly skipping through Croatia and Montenegro and not really getting into the thick of it.
Richard Dotson and his two chums thought that they could do it better, have more fun and do it justice.
It was going to be the adventure of a lifetime for them all.
They were originally going to do it on bicycles, but plans change…
Here’s the recipe:
Take 3 College Lecturers, place in a blue Nissan Micra for three hours, allowing them to simmer in their own juices, before putting the contents into a pressurised and air-conditioned vessel for a further two and a half hours at an altitude of approximately 35,000 feet.
Empty onto the Adriatic coastline near to Dubrovnik and then bake at 35 degrees, basting liberally with factor 30 Sun screen for a week.
Liberally sprinkle with a bevy of Balkan beauties, restaurants and a couple of breweries, before allowing to ferment and cool in the shade of numerous public houses.
They also avoided the Irish Bars like the plague…
Add information gleaned or omitted from “The Lonely Planet Guide” and the local Autobuska Stanica, then simply serve, stand back and watch the fun.
A travel adventure with a BIG difference, and if it doesn’t tempt the reader to pack a rucksack and a map, grab a flight and get over there, then there is something seriously wrong with them.
Of course, there is the cheaper and easier option of getting hold of a copy of the book and joining them on their travels through Eastern Europe from the comfort of your favourite armchair…with full colour photographs and useful tourist information.
What a wonderful world…

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