64 (Mike Gallagher Mystery Series)

| July 23, 2013


64 (Mike Gallagher Mystery Series)

A team of snipers is methodically killing 64 innocent American men, women and children every four days. They will not identify themselves nor do they have any ransom demands or political statements. They just keep killing. These attacks succeed in shutting down most of America. Three questions persist, who is the mastermind, why are they killing innocent citizens and what is the significance of the number 64?

Michael Gallagher, the homicide detective in Athens, Georgia, the site of the first attack, is consumed with a passion to find those responsible for one of the early victims, his beloved daughter, Megan. He sets out to find the snipers and their leader putting him at risk with the FBI, CIA and other law-enforcement authorities who do not appreciate his involvement. Using good police work and the timely assistance of a female investigative reporter, Gallagher not only discovers the truth behind the massacres but puts a stop to the killings with the help of heroic, every day Americans who take their country back in a dramatic one day counterattack.

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