Mastering the One Arm Push Up: The Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Prerforming the Ultimate Push-Ups

| July 23, 2013


Mastering the One Arm Push Up: The Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Prerforming the Ultimate Push-Ups


Learn How to Master the One Arm Push-Up

Push-ups can get boring rather quickly; however, as any trainer worth his salt will tell you, they are a necessity to any serious workout regimen. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you have probably already considered trying the one arm push-up. If that is the case then why stop there, why not go all the way and learn how to do all one arm push-ups?

Grant Michaels’s has developed an excellent workout guide titled Mastering the One Arm Push-Up. This book is designed to teach you how to do exactly that. You will get a list of one-arm push-up workouts that will not only present a very real challenge but will also increase the strength in your upper arms, shoulders, back, and chest.


What Is to Be Gained from Knowing Multiple One Arm Push-Ups?

The one arm push-up is definitely impressive. There is no doubt about that. Strong-men have been using this move for decades as a way of demonstrating their strength. However, what you probably do not know is that these exercises offer many more benefits than are gained by performing regular push-ups alone.

This is definitely a resistance exercise, which means that your muscles will build strength by using the resistance of your own body. This exercise helps your. . .

  • Abdominals,
  • Core,
  • Chest,
  • Shoulders,
  • Triceps,
  • Legs,
  • Hips,
  • and Buttocks.


Do One Arm Push-Ups Present Any Benefits Outside of Muscle Building?

Body builders and strength trainers are not the only individuals who find the one arm push-up to be very influential on their body. If you are seeking balance exercises, this is one of the top ones to try and master. Yoga students use this as a common balancing stance. When you are performing this push-up, you are really working the muscles that are responsible for balance.

Balance plays a huge role in what you are able to do. Just because you can bench 300 to 400 pounds does not mean you can do a one arm push-up. It definitely takes more of your own body to perform this exercise.

You should also see a notice in Fat loss when trying to master this exercise. This is resistance training so it works to build your muscles and cuts down on fat. It is not as effective as cardio workouts for actual weight loss, but it does increase your metabolism. This in combination with a cardio workout will make a serious impact on your physique goals.


Give Yourself a Challenge Worth Meeting

The one arm push-up is incredibly impressive. When you master this exercise, you will have more control over your body than you probably ever had before. The difference in strength you will gain from this exercise opposed to weight training has far superior benefits. You will increase your core strength and also the surrounding arms and hips to thigh area. In doing all of this, you will align the muscles that need to work together to make your body function at a level higher than nearly everyone you will see in the gym everyday slaving away on machines that only make them bulkier but not stronger.

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