Inflicted: The Assassin’s Bite

| July 15, 2017


A murder that turned an ordinary girl into a vampire hunter and awoken vampire madness

Skylar Mallory thought her life was shattered after her sister’s death, but it was only just beginning. Two vampires had killed her sister Abigail in her own apartment, and Sky vowed to hunt them down and avenge her only surviving family. That’s how she became the vampire hunter. Her best lead? A gorgeous vampire that she can’t help but be attracted to.

Keiran Sterling, a hunky and handsome vampire thought he would never see his sire again after cutting ties and going rogue. But when Sky forces him to help her with an ancient magical device, the Seal of the Utu, he has no choice but to turn against his own kind. But for the beautiful and cold huntress, could it be worth it?

The search for Abby’s murderers takes Sky and Keiran on a perilous journey through New York. With their lives on the line, can they survive long enough to find the killers? And can they put aside their differences enough to keep each other alive?

**This is the book#1 novella of the NEW “Inflicted” series of paranormal adventure romance**

Warning: The adult nature of the topics in the book is not suitable for certain readers. Discretion is advised. +18


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