Lost Creek

| July 23, 2013


Lost Creek

According to Clancy, there was a family of serial killers living in Lost Creek — the Campbells. “They’ve been killing off outsiders fer a hundred years. The head of the family is Sheriff Campbell. He’s been killing under the shield of his badge since he was first elected back in 1964. His daughter, Darla, is the drug-dealing bartender at the Wagon Wheel Saloon.”

When Jack Leery suddenly finds himself the owner of a rural cabin on a hundred acres in Lost Creek, Colorado, left to him by a mysterious benefactor called Martin Johannsson, he leaves his professional life as a website designer in Minneapolis to set out on what turns into the adventure of a lifetime.

Jack’s nail-biting journey to Lost Creek over treacherous mountain roads in his old Honda Accord sets the tone for this beautifully written tale that taps into mythic archetypes of the American West. At first completely alone in his primitive shack, Jack is soon adopted by Martin’s dog, Blue. Then when Jack meets his neighbor, the crotchety old Vietnam vet Clancy, a strange bond is formed. But is Clancy’s story about the murderous Campbell family just another one of his tall tales far too fantastical to be true? By the end of this action-packed novel filled with dizzying twists and turns, Jack will have laid his earlier identity aside and found out who he really is.

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