What If It’s True?

| July 16, 2017


“This was a favorite book for me. I grew up in a small town, and it was like going home. Nosy neighbors, small-town sheriff, corruption and lots of humor. A real page turner!! I highly recommend this book. Loved it!!” –Annette Simmons

“A mature, beautifully written novel, with a wonderfully diverse cast of characters that are real and not the standard southern stereotypes. The romance between the couple in their 50’s is clean, sensual and believable without being overtly sexual. The conclusion left me satisfied yet wishing for more. Please don’t miss a truly fascinating story.” — Ebony Diva 3 

Dixie Burns has done it again with “What If It’s True?”. Fans of her first novel, “Spit of A Minute”, will recognize the spot-on dialects, a strong sense of place, and colorful characters that make Mrs. Burns a budding master of Southern fiction. Clarissa Clooney, the mysterious divorcee from out-of-town, and Trig Foley, the local police chief, are imperfect heroes drawn together by their desire to help a group of small town girls before it’s too late. Equal parts love story and page-turning thriller, this Southern novel has more twists and turns than a backcountry road. However, the truth is, Cedar Hill’s tale of romantic suspense, perversion, and corruption could take place in any small town.


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