Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara

| July 16, 2017


In the fall of his eighth grade year, Peter’s karate teacher, Rob, told Peter that their town was overrun with evil spirits, threatening to destroy the lives of their unsuspecting victims, and he wanted Peter to become his apprentice exorcist.

Peter thought he had enough on his plate with the normal stresses of teenage life: dealing with parents, fitting in, making good grades, and getting the girl. How could he possibly be expected to add “battling ancient evil spirits” to the list?

But as he tried to convince himself that Rob was completely and utterly crazy, a single question nagged at his thoughts: What if it’s real?

In Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara, one boy is given the necessary tools to take on the ancient, invisible forces of evil that threaten humans daily. Peter Hunter finds his life revolutionized by the moral self-discipline found in the tenants of Buddhism. He finds his life further transformed when the myths and lore of dark spirits are discovered to be real and active, hidden in plain view.

Can Peter Hunter overcome the temptations of Mara and his minions while protecting his fellow humans from their wrath and trickery?

Science fiction and world religions come together in the thrilling series: Freelance Exorcists
A group of teenagers must work together to banish evil spirits according to their own religious traditions. But where the reality ends and the fantasy begins… that is for the reader to decide!

Thrilling action, charming characters, wit, and wisdom combine in a story that will leave you wishing it were real…
…and thanking God it’s not.

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