Ryonna’s Wrath: Universe in Flames 1.5 – A Novella

| July 16, 2017


This book is the first Novella in the Universe in Flames saga. It can be read independently from the series or as part of it (timeline info below).
“Although Initially I read Ryonna’s Trials through my Kindle Unlimited, I decided to buy it anyway… Worth reading. A solid 4.0 out of 5 stars.” –Bill Anderson (Top 500 reviewer)

Ryonna, the Droxian who helped Chase and Sarah in their fight against the Zarlack forces threatening Earth, embarks on a mission to rescue her abducted son, Ronan. 

To infiltrate Hellstar, the maximum security prison her son is being held in, she needs to acquire vital information. An unlikely alliance raises shadows from her past and it quickly becomes clear that the reasons behind the bounty on her head run deeper than she could ever have imagined. This shocking revelation will turn Ryonna’s life upside down. 

While saving her son remains her top priority, Ryonna embarks on a series of deadly missions in order to uncover the truth behind it all. In the process, she puts her life and even her sanity on the line at every turn…

Timeline: The events of this Novella take place between book one (Earth – Last Sanctuary) and book two (Fury to the Stars) of the Universe in Flames saga. They focus around Ryonna’s character. While it is not necessary to have read these books to enjoy this Novella, you’ll understand each reference to other characters and mention of races as well as some other world building details better if you did. If this is the first book you read from me, worry not, you can still go ahead and read it.

You’ll also find the 1st chapter of book 4, which is slotted for an April 2016 release at the end of this book.


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