Alfred the Dinosaur Goes To The City

| July 17, 2017


It’s Hard to be a Dinosaur in the Big City.

** From the Amazon Best-Selling Series**

Alfred the dinosaur has traveled from the Jurassic to today. While he loves playing with his friend Chloe there is something missing… his family.

Alfred and Chloe set off on an adventure to find his way home that takes them all over the big city.

Join them as they encounter skyscrapers, subways and even a mysterious night guard.

Will Alfred ever get back home? Find out in Book 2 of this best selling series that is full of color and adventure.

Alfred the Dinosaur Goes to the City is Book 2 in the Alfred the Dinosaur series, but can be read as a stand-alone story

  • Book 1: Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur
  • Book 2: Alfred the Dinosaur Goes to the City
  • Book 3: Vinny the Soccer Playing Dinosaur

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Buy Alfred the Dinosaur Goes to the City today to read a bed-time story where even T-Rex’s miss home.


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