Undead Cheesehead

| July 18, 2017


Stanley’s lonely.

Before the strange events of the past few months, the self-proclaimed alien abductee and T.V. crime drama aficionado would drink and bowl with his friends, Herb and Dallas. But no one’s seen hide nor hair of Dallas in the longest, and Herb’s been spending all of his time with his girlfriend, Lois.

That just leaves Stanley, and Stanley’s lonely.

Everything changes when Stanley becomes a zombie. With each bite, he gains a new friend. Soon, he has more friends than he would’ve ever thought possible. If he could just sink his teeth into Herb, Lois, and Dallas, they’d all be together again, and everything would be perfect.


Everything changes when Stanley’s home is vandalized. After someone breaks all of his dinner plates and ruins his last hotdog, a zombie apocalypse overtakes Trappersville. To make matters worse, the Society shows up. Stanley and his supernatural friends are trapped between an ancient order of monster hunters and a hungry zombie horde. If that wasn’t bad enough, one zombie in particular looks a lot like Stanley.

Things aren’t looking good for the fine folks of Trappersville, Wisconsin. Will Stanley, his friends, and the entire town be lost?

Over Stanley’s dead bodies.

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