Splash an amazing experience!

| July 18, 2017


Splash an amazing experience!

Macy Grey has just gotten offered the opportunity of a lifetime to be a fashion photographer at one of New York’s most respected Magazines, Splash. Her first day is off to an interesting start as she meets a handsome blue-eyed Stranger, who doesn’t seem to speak any English but is well versed in other tongues. It’s all downhill from there since her new boss doesn’t like her and she seems to be making a fool of herself in front of some of the most important clients in fashion.
Ian McCullen is intrigued by the curvaceous redhead with the quirky personality. He wants to make a move but is quickly caught in a lie that could jeopardize the relationship that has yet to start. How do you say, “I’m sorry I have a wife?” In Spanish.

An amazing passionate short read book for everyone out there


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