The Middle Ages: People of The Middle Ages – Kings, Queens, Minstrels and Merchants, Vikings and Knights – 2nd Edition Kindle

| July 18, 2017


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In Your complete Guide to The Middle Ages, you’ll learn the complete history of The Middle Ages along with an exclusive look into the people of that time. Not restricted to just the Royal Family during this age, you will take a closer look at the Viking Age and the lower class members who made up society. Learn the truth about the Vikings and allow this book to explain the origins of the soldiers of the sea. Have they been glorified over the years or were they conquerors? Here’s what you’ll learn:

?Vikings Age in the Middle Ages
?Medieval Kings
?Noblewomen in the Middle Ages
?Origins of the Knights
?Saints and more main characters of the era

The Middle Ages was a time left uninvestigated for centuries, but through the work of historians, great discoveries have been made. Noblewomen, Saints and Vikings have since been scrutinized and great stories have been documented, stories that will prove to be riveting. This book covers the great timeline in the evolution of knights, starting from the Middle Ages and concluding in today’s present times. Find out how Santa Clause grew out of the honorable actions of one of the most beloved Saints.

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These are not the stories of the Middle Ages that you would learn in school, this is a personal encounter with some of the key members of this time and how they lay the foundations for the centuries to follow. Take a trip through time and enjoy learning about the noblewomen, knights, Saints, Vikings, Medieval Kings and more.


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