Mail-Order Brides of America: Texas Hearts (A Clean Western Historical Romance)

| July 18, 2017


This book is part of a boxset called Mail-Order Brides of America: Six books in One! It is available on Amazon through my Author Page, Zoe Matthews.

Clara is one of the lucky ones. At the age of fifteen she was chosen to live at Mary’s Home for Girls, a home that takes in girls who need a second chance.

She wants to jump at the chance to leave the orphanage she had been living at for the past year, but there was one problem, she would have to leave her little brother,Cooper, behind. She decides to go, with the idea that in a few years she would be able to get a job and support Cooper.

Five years later, she is still at Mary’s Home. She worked at a job she hated, making very little money. She knows she is never going to be able get her brother out of the orphanage with little money.

Then Clara receives a letter from Savannah, who became a mail-order bride a few months prior. Savannah is very happy with her new life. Clara decides to also become a mail-order bride and starts to write Walker, a man who is sheriff for a small town in Texas.

When Walker asks her to travel to Texas to marry him, she is ready to go and leave North Carolina behind. Except now she has another decision to make. Walker doesn’t know about Cooper. Does she dare bring him along anyway? Will Walker be able to accept them both and form a new family?


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