Futurism & Fantasia: Volume 1: First Chapters

| July 19, 2017


Daring interstellar crews and time travelers. Crafty hackers rifting the metaverse. Bold heroes fighting monsters and their own doubts in a reality turned on its head.
Futurism & Fantasia brings together eleven storytellers who weave riveting tales of old magic, new enemies, and galactic mayhem. Volume 1 offers a collection of first chapters from new and upcoming titles in Science Fiction and Fantasy, a menu of options presenting the reader a glance into worlds shaped by ancient rites, sassy spacefarers, and addictive characters.

Space Opera:
The Dark of Light by Audrey Sharpe
The Grey Nebula by Laura and Daniel Martone
Incursion by N.E. Montgomery

Urban Fantasy:
A Moonlit Task by Tom Hansen
Last Watch by Arthur Mayor
Reluctant Hood by Kendrai Meeks

Time Travel and Cyberpunk:
Tomorrow’s Past by Freddie Kim
Download Initializing by Adam Myhr
Lost Sentinel by R.R. Roberts

Survive This by Matt Ryan


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