Ancient Enemies: The Malvers War Book 1

| July 27, 2017


A deadly new threat. A terrifying secret. One woman’s courage to find the truth…

Rizelya is happy as just another Red, using her fire magic to fight the fearsome monsters plaguing her world. After centuries, her people are finally gaining the upper-hand when a new, more-deadly monster appears that threatens their survival. Thrust into an unwanted leadership position, Rizelya embarks on a quest to discover a way to defeat the new monsters.

As the battles grow fiercer, Rizelya begins to have mysterious dreams, hinting of a dark secret and a hidden enemy behind the monster attacks. An enemy that could destroy her people. Does she have the courage to confront the Supreme White Priestess to learn the truth?

Ancient Enemies is the first book in a series of action-packed, magical fantasy novels. If you like strong female characters, compelling magic systems, and dazzling shapeshifters, then you’ll enjoy Tora Moon’s Malvers War series.

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