Tamisan (Tamisan Book 1)

| July 22, 2017


“This is the story of how I became Tamisan.”
On a planet on the edge of the known galaxy, research is being conducted on the primitive natives.
Zhenna Rhodarma is a young computer programmer with an interest in alien cultures who travels to Althar 3 to start a new job.
Zhenna’s group is attacked by pirates and she is seriously injured. She wakes to find that they transferred her consciousness into the body of one of the natives as a bizarre way of saving her life.
While coming to terms with these changes – she can now breathe underwater and read minds – she realises that she is a prisoner of the scientist that “saved” her and that other members of her team were part of some experiments too.
After escaping the lab and deciding to change her name, she finds herself in the jungles of Althar 3, which leads to her being captured by slave traders. The only person who can help her is a guy who she has only communicated with through telepathy. Can he find her in the jungle before the crazy Dr Starrick catches up to her again?
Great for lovers of Sci-fi Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy Romance.


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