Cross My Heart (A Fiona Donovan Vigilante Thriller) Book 1

| July 22, 2017


Returning home is never easy. For Fiona Donovan, home is the place she ran away from, never to return again. This trip back to see her sister was supposed to prove that the past didn’t have to shape her future.

When her sister dies at the hands of an evil man it sets Fiona on a path to find the reasons why. She won’t let anything stand in her way. Not the police. Not her conscience. Not even the demons from her own past.

She has no idea where her desire for vengeance will take her, or if she’ll live to see it through.

About Fiona Donovan Vigilante Justice Thrillers

Fiona Donovan doesn’t murder. She kills. She didn’t ask for this. But she’s going to see it to the end. She promised. She crossed her heart. 

‘Cross My Heart’ is a fast-paced action thriller filled with page-turning plot twists and surprises. 

Fiona is a strong and determined former marine out to seek vigilante justice against the men that killed her sister. 

If you like fast action and adventure, mysteries, suspense, vigilante justice and a dash of romance… you’ll enjoy this first in a series from James M. Matheson. 

Grab your copy now. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited or purchase the Kindle or Paperback. 


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