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| July 25, 2007


When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Benjamin Franklin. I would go to the library and check out books about him, and then tell everyone, about all the cool things he did, (like start the first library). I am still a fan of Ben, I just like to keep him in my wallet now.

I’m convinced that if Benjamin Franklin were still alive today, that he would be a blogger. If he were I think he would have many of the same questions the rest of us have.

Benjamin Franklin’s 10 Blog Questions

  1. What is my niche? Tough question. I want to write about science, politics, business, electricity, I have so many interests it will be hard to narrow down.

  2. Who is my target audience?  The French like me more than Jerry Lewis, but I’ll stick with the American people.

  3. How do I stay in my niche?  I’ll have to have more than one blog. It would be hard to focus on only one of my interests.

  4. Should I use a pen name?  Richard Saunders, sounds pretty  cool, or maybe Poor Richard.

  5. How many blogs should I have?  As many as I can keep up with. I better get up early to start my writing.

  6. Should I have a newsletter? I could have a newsletter called Poor Richard’s Almanac, or maybe an ebook.

  7. How do I keep up with my email? I get about 650 emails a day.

  8. Can I find time for fitness?  Yes, I think I’ll go for a swim right now.

  9. How can I keep up with my reading?  Nothing can stop me from reading everything possible.

  10. Should I have an ebay store? I do have a lot of inventions, and a knack for business, an ebay store would be great. But, I am retired.

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