No Kill Station: Murder at Rehoboth Beach

| July 22, 2017


The Rehoboth Beach animal shelter director known as the Grim Reaper is beaten to death. When Matt investigates, he is thrown into a nightmare that ends his peaceful new life at the beach with his son.

“Dog Killer” is scrawled at the murder scene so Matt searches for people who hated the victim because of the shelter’s treatment of homeless animals. Matt is shocked to learn of the shelter convenience killing, the slaughter of Pit Bulls, and the roundup of feral cats. His landlord Clara has two Pit Bulls and a cat colony that Matt and his son have come to love like family.

Matt wants to find the animal rights blogger who pours gasoline on the flames of community outrage. Because of the shelter director’s cyberbullying and use of animal control to harass people, the blogger writes anonymously. Clara knows the blogger’s identity but won’t tell Matt – for good reason.

Matt discovers a criminal conspiracy but cannot get politicians to do anything. Despite the warnings, he is unable to allow this evil to continue. As he works to solve the murder and stop the animal cruelty, Matt comes to a new understanding of life and death. At the same time, he discovers love, hope, and a new calling.

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