Illusive Intrusion: A Psychological Mystery

| July 28, 2017


Bianka is weary with her ordinary life in Dublin. When her sister receives an unexpected job offer on Gran Canaria, she’s eager to tag along and make it a fabulous holiday in the sun.

But Bianka’s fiancé, Kacper, isn’t thrilled with their departure. There’s someone living on the Canaries who won’t allow him to forget the darkest day in his past—someone who could even seek revenge.

Goyo, a freelance photographer from Barcelona, secures a lucrative contract on Gran Canaria. But he can’t ignore the unsettling feeling that some mysterious woman is the cause of his new lucky streak—and that her motivations aren’t exactly unselfish.

What begins as a relaxing getaway turns to terror when an inexplicable phenomenon engulfs the island. Will Goyo and the sisters find a way to survive the unleashed darkness?

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