Mindfulness: Havent I Said Ye Are Gods

| July 23, 2017



Life for many people can be a struggle with an overall feeling of just not being satisfied with their life and future. This can happen to anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic situation or the conditions they are born into. People who seem to have everything, who were born into wealthy families and are blessed with good health, grow up in a comfortable, friendly loving situation often find something in life is missing.
These feelings can affect people of any age and experience level, in all different cultures and religions, often with tragic consequences for some of them. Often high achievers at school will excel and do well in their chosen career, have a loving relationship with their spouse or partner, children and relations. Usually, they appear to have golden opportunities available on many levels and seem to be surrounded by a selection of good friends. Life seems to be easy and comfortable with success made effortlessly, but still, the person who seems to have it all can remain unfulfilled and unhappy, unaware that they have their happiness inside.
It is always a surprise when you hear that those people who we had considered to be so successful and wealthy such as musicians and actors have problems with drugs, substance abuse and other personal problems. How many well-known personalities have died from drug overdoses over the years. Musicians like Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson. Actors and comedians like Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Lenny Bruce, Robin Williams and many others, some died through apparent suicide because of depression, others through accidental drug overdoses.
This makes it very hard for many of the hundreds of thousands of other people who do not have celebrity status, but have suffered similar feelings and follow similar destructive pathways or fates! How is it possible for a normal person to hope to achieve enlightenment or the feeling of personal satisfaction and fulfillment when these people who have a huge amount of wealth and influence, fail so often.
Many people look for the answers in religion or bury themselves in their work to avoid having to face these issues. Some people move to another location to start again or try to find the answer in new relationships. Others elect to use different drugs to either blot out the issues or in the hope they will help to provide some form of enlightenment or answers.
The answers to these questions are, that to find peace of mind, contentment and mindfulness” you need to look inside yourself in an open, honest, non- self-condemning way. This can be very difficult, almost impossible in fact for many people without the benefit of proper training and guidance? Why are so many people dissatisfied and searching for an elusive fix to find peace, happiness and contentment in their lives? What can be done?


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