Swan: A Very Funny Romantic Novel

| July 24, 2013


Swan: A Very Funny Romantic Novel


Read the hilarious modern fairytale readers and reviewers describe as “Funny,” “Heart-warming” and “Too cool for words!”

From the beginning Madeline’s life was a narrative of disappointment and broken dreams. Plump, plain and past her sell by date, happiness and hope were no longer part of her vocabulary. But one day like a bolt from the blue, destiny delivers a massive dose of compensation in the form of David Powell, her strange and elusive neighbour. From the moment they meet, Madeline is plunged into a world of excitement and intrigue where nothing is what it seems. This classic reversal of fortune tale reminds us that ultimately life is a mystery, perfectly able to demolish and reconfigurate even the most hopeless situations.

Please note:  This romance contains steamy scenes and is recommended for readers 18+

“This story let’s us chunky, plain girls fantasize about dreams coming true.” Amazon Reviewer

Swan is a full length novel of approximately 80,000 words, the equivalent of 350 pages.


“Some parts were so funny. Reminded me of Bridget Jones and Pretty Woman. Highly recommended.” Amazon Reviewer

“This story really touched me. I really liked it and would recommend it to
anyone! I liked the characters and could really identify with Maddie.” Amazon Reviewer

“It was a great story. The ending came and blew me away.” Amazon Reviewer


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