A Kiss to Break the Spell: The Frog Prince Retold

| July 24, 2017


He is an ordinary frog living in an ordinary pond. At least that’s what he thinks until the day he is abducted by a girl named Clara, and she begins filling his head with the most unbelievable stories he’s ever heard. She tells him that once he was not only a prince, but a prince with a rare magical gift, and that only he can save the kingdom. All he needs is a kiss from a princess to make things right. Fortunately for him, Clara knows just the princess.

Before he can stop himself, his contented life is upended. He joins Clara on a quest to get himself kissed and restored to his human form. Standing his way is the vengeful witch who cursed him, the pain of remembering a past he’d rather forget, and the fact that most princesses would rather keep their lips far away from slimy frogs.

A Kiss to Break the Spell is a reimagining of the classic fairy tale The Frog Prince. It is a story for anyone who likes a clean romance and believes that love is the greatest magic of all.


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