Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters

| July 24, 2017


The Ghostly Saga of Seven Sisters Continues

Step Into the Moonlight Garden–If You Dare

When a young, wealthy heiress, Calpurnia Cottonwood, disappears from Seven Sisters in 1850, rumors swirl. But no trace of the girl had ever been found””until now. Historian Carrie Jo Jardine and her handsome employer, Ashland Stuart, find clues to the heiress’ whereabouts and even more mysteries are revealed. With Carrie Jo’s ability to dream about the past, she watches a sinister plot unfold. Is she unable to prevent tragedy, or can she intercede without ending up lost too? Uncanny encounters with an unhappy presence and a walk in the Moonlight Garden leave Carrie Jo wondering if the past is trying to repeat itself. Can she and Ashland survive threats from the present and the past? Will they be safe when moonlight falls on Seven Sisters?

Books in the Seven Sisters Series

  • Seven Sisters
  • Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters
  • Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters
  • The Stars that Fell
  • The Stars We Walked Upon
  • The Sun Rises Over Seven Sisters

??? The Desert Queen Series

The Tale of Nefret

The Falcon Rises

The Kingdom of Nefertiti

The Song of the Bee-Eater

??? Praise for the Seven Sisters Series

“Historical fiction mixed with a modern mystery at its finest!”

“This book is fabulous with delightful characters.”

“Cannot stop reading! Intriguing storyline, well developed characters, so enjoy the building of the plot and storyline!”

“I absolutely love this book and couldn’t wait to read the second one in the series!”

“Easy reading. Very exciting, captivating & intriguing! Could not put the book down.”

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The Idlewood Series is the Seven Sisters Spin Off! Follow Carrie Jo, her family and friends to a new house, more ghosts and of course, plenty of Southern charm.
Books in the Idlewood Series are as follows:
1. The Ghosts of Idlewood
2. Dreams of Idlewood
3. The Whispering Saint
4. The Haunted Child

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