Poison Fruit: The Master's Sons

| July 24, 2017


The Civil War is over. The slaves shall all go free, all except for Casey. Through his jail cell window he can see the gallows where tomorrow he shall hang.
The circumstances that landed Casey behind bars began when he turned seven and Robert and Larry, his Master’s sons, chose him to be their friend.
Years later, the boy’s friendship ends.
Casey falls in love with Alicia and they plan to marry.
One day while searching for berries out in the woods Casey and Alicia discover Robert and Larry holding a young girl.
Casey and Alicia try to free the girl, but Casey is knocked unconscious. He awakes tied to a tree and he is forced to watch Robert rape Alicia and Larry cut her throat.
Alicia comes back to Casey in a dream and she tells him that she can not enter into Heaven, until Robert and Larry are sent to Judgement.

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