The Efficiency Playbook: Your Tactical GAME PLAN to Getting More for Less

| July 24, 2017


“If an individual is not aware of a systematic, objective approach to their own efficiency systems, they are at a disadvantage to all those who are.” Michael Andrew

25 Years in the making, The Efficiency Playbook illustrates over 65 core foundations and tactics to readers allowing them to adapt and personalize into their own productivity game plan. The short, easy to digest chapters draw from the stories and experiences of the author Michael Andrew, as a Division-I footballer, missionary, scientist, photographer, independent film producer, disaster-aid responder, and serial entrepreneur, there is something here for everyone that will have an immediate impact on their day-to-day lives.

The Efficiency Playbook includes examples and illustrations of:

– Why multi-tasking is a myth and should be avoided
– Personal & business workflow analysis and modifications
– How to measure new career opportunities and which ones to reject
– How to make objective, accurate decisions in seconds
– How to measure your own personal time value
– How to manage your own thought processes
– How to measure and expand your own thought size
– Proven Offensive and Defensive business tactics
– How well intended ideas and thought systems rob us of momentum
– How to cut through thought clutter
– The top efficiency secrets of successful entrepreneurs

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