Where The Forest Ends

| July 27, 2017


Get lost in the world of Trella!

The small planet of Trella is covered from pole to pole in dense forests. No light penetrates the dense canopy of branches and leaves. The locals have translucent skin and can burn to death in the smallest amount of light.

Vivian has lived on Trella ever since she and her father arrived ten years earlier. Her father died less than twenty-four hours after her arrival in a freak accident, but Vivian has carved out a life for herself as a medic.

When a rebel leader thought, dead comes to her with information about her father, she plunges into a world of rebels, monstrous skeletal snakes, malicious gods and forests where the ground is the greatest danger.

Then Vivian learns something that threatens everything: The entire planet is a ticking time-bomb about to blow.

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