Sydney on Fire

| July 25, 2017


A little boy has gone missing, and a doctor with a wild card streak has to decide whether to risk family, career, and even her life to find him.

Sydney is fierce and protective. Gorgeous and gracious. Multiracial, with serious skills. She can patch you up — but she can break you, too, and she will if she has to. With killer arms and a job to die for, she skates through the desolate dawn streets of New York City, trying to stay out of trouble … except when nasty things happen that unleash her lifelong rage against injustice. Then, get out of her way.

Sydney might be a mystery to others, but to her it’s pretty simple: Everyone should play nicely. Life should be fair. But it isn’t.

So when a child’s disappearance leads to a web of shadows and deceit, Sydney enlists a crew of hospital workers, strung out addicts, and a brilliant tech hermit from a past she rarely visits. Together they must try to find a way to bring down a criminal enterprise whose tentacles reach high and deep.

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