Dolphins for Sale

| July 25, 2017


Is it possible to meet a stranger, someone who makes your entire body wet, so much that deep inside, you are aching for him? Then, before you can say ‘Hi’, he is gone!… Phew,  blown away,  like a flame!

Pamela has been a good wife, devoted and willing to make her marriage work. Then her husband, Glen, is killed in a road accident and her world changes forever. Somehow, she blames herself for causing his death.

In her confused and lonely state she sinks too deep inside a simple flirtation with her boss, Jeff, until it becomes a hot, passionate affair. Her mouth fails to tell him to STOP!

A chance meeting with a total stranger awakens her deep, hidden feelings and her desire for more…

Pamela’s watches helplessly as her life goes from bad to worse. Her mother is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, then her job, her son -she stands to lose them all. -Hard facts to swallow! In her dazed state she discovers her late husband’s secret affair.

Her son shows her an advert: DOLPHINS FOR SALE. Wanting to escape, Pamela travels to The Isle of Man to buy the dolphins. And fate brings her face to face with this tall, dark stranger. Is he the same person she met and thought she has lost forever? She discovers his world. A world of death-defying motorbike racers.

Will Pamela find happiness or find his world too hot to handle?

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