Legend of the Mer: A Very Short Story on the History of Mermaids (Skye’s Lure)

| July 26, 2017


Mermaids are real.

Skye recounts this very short story to her audience of young Mer. The history of mermaids is a tale full of heartache and bad choices, in which a human tribe–once holders of the sea’s secrets–become cursed and endure a mermaid transformation that will change their lives forever.

The rise of legends is not an easy one, nor is its retelling. Skye finds an ache growing, one that calls for land and answers to the questions her heart has always conjured after a retelling.

Read Legend of the Mer today, and learn the story that started it all.

And when you’re done, you can go on to read Skye’s Lure, available now! This contemporary fantasy follows Skye as she rescues a human and changes the course of her life.

Here’s what people are saying about Skye’s Lure:

“As a Little Mermaid fan, I enjoyed this story.” – Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite

“A lovely tale well told, and something perfect to read along with a hot drink on a grey winter’s day. Or with a glass of wine on a summer beach.” – Chrys Cymri, author, Penny White series

“A feel good story about overcoming your fears and your past.” – Andrew M. Ferrell, Author, Beginnings (Family Heritage series)

“…an excellent twist on the old [Little Mermaid] tale.” – E. Maynard, Blogger

“A great short novel! Definitely worth the read!” – Alyssa Peck, Blogger


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