Through The Invisible: How A Vision Of Hell Transformed Me From An Atheist Into A Believer

| July 27, 2017


In 1998, at the age of 22, the author of this book—who refers to himself only as “John Smith”—experienced a terrifying vision of hell after going on a massive bender of booze, cocaine, and crystal meth. For two days and two nights he was shown the alcohol-saturated region of the underworld to which he would be headed if he did not change his hedonistic ways. Was it real, or just a hallucination? An avowed atheist at the time of this experience, John came to believe that Jesus Christ had intervened in his nightmare, and that establishing a relationship with God was the single most important thing in life. Haunted by demonic visions for years afterward, John’s journey of spiritual awakening eventually led him to get clean and sober, and opened his mind to a new understanding of Christianity based on what Aldous Huxley called “the perennial philosophy”—the ages-old view, held by the mystics of every religion, that consciousness itself is the seat of divinity. Full of wonders and horrors, unexplained phenomena and miraculous moments of synchronicity, Through the Invisible is a thrilling adventure into the uncharted regions of the human mind and spirit. A must-read.


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