The Resume Writing Guide: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Creating a Winning Resume

| July 24, 2013


The Resume Writing Guide: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Creating a Winning Resume

Improve Your Odds of Getting a Job

You have more power in the job search process than you realize. You can find a job, even in a tough economy, and even if you have barriers and challenges that others might not have.

Don’t be trapped by the whims of employers and a changing labor market. Be in charge of your job search!

No matter what some people try to tell you, a compelling resume is still a powerful tool in a successful job search, and The Resume Writing Guide, new for 2013, will show you step-by-step exactly how to create a resume that makes a great impression on employers and gives you more power when you are job hunting.

Learn From the Experience of 2000 Job Seekers

What you’ll find in this book that you won’t find in others, is the kind of expertise that only comes from real experience.

Lisa McGrimmon has written over 1000 resumes and helped over 2000 job seekers find work. She knows how to coach people through the process to create real resumes that give real results for real people.

Guidance Through the Process

The Resume Writing Guide takes you through the actual process of creating a resume one step at a time, carefully guiding you through each decision. It isn’t just a collection of rules and tips.

The process is simplified and broken into small steps. In each chapter, you will complete a few tasks, and, if you complete all of the tasks to the best of your ability, once you reach the end of the book, you will have written a resume that shows you in your best possible light.

Learn How to Deal With Resume Challenges

Lisa has used this process successfully with clients from all walks of life and with all kinds of work histories. She has written resumes for:

  • career changers
  • people returning to work after several years without paid employment
  • new immigrants
  • recent graduates
  • older workers
  • people in competitive and declining industries

This book isn’t just for the lucky few who have a perfect career history. It gets into the heart of how to write resumes that pop even if you’re worried that you may have some challenges to overcome.

Not a 20 Minute Resume Guide!

This book isn’t for people who want to knock out a resume in 20 minutes. It is a meticulous, step-by-step guide through each phase in the resume writing process.

It shows you how to structure each section, write compelling statements, and make smart decisions about content to highlight your individual strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Thoughtfully completing the tasks in this book will take time, but it will be time well spent. In the end, you will have a winning resume that is perfect for your needs and structured to show you at your best.

If you try to knock out a resume in 20 minutes, you’ll have a cookie cutter, impersonal resume from a template that isn’t fully designed for your individual needs.

Partners in Resume Writing

Good career coaches will not write a resume for you; they will write one with you, as partners. You and the career coach both bring important information to the table.

Throughout this book, you and Lisa will be partners. Lisa will be the expert on how to create a resume. You will be the expert on your own career.

Lisa will show you: how to decide what information you should include, how to write compelling content, how to structure sections to highlight your strengths, and how to minimize concerns you may have about your work history.

Your task is to take that information and apply it to what you know about your own career.

In this partnership, you can create an effective resume that gets you one big step closer to landing the job you want.

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