What’s All The Fuss About The Elected Pope

| July 24, 2013


What's All The Fuss About The Elected Pope

Get Ready To Laugh Your %$ # Off

In a short essay intended to provoke rational discussion, Richard Porter Spot The Dog set down their thoughts about Electing a Pope. The Catholic World must read this urgent piece of writing. There are a few subjects in the Catholic World today that lend itself to raw emotion.

This is where Richard and Spot shine the most. You will find yourself laughing with glee. Hold on to your seat, your sides will be splitting from you loud laughter. This Book Deals With Culture Changes. You will be thrilled, shocked and thoroughly entertain. There are some points within this guide that will have you thinking for days. You will contemplate whether or not, you should join sides with the writers or stick with the traditional Catholic beliefs.

We leave it up to each individual Catholic to find it in their heart to decide on what is best for the Catholic world.
But Mr Porter and Spot the dog will have their say. Or shall I say bark. No matter which one of these two will put a smile on your face like never before.

You Like To Laugh Right!

Well you have stopped at the right book Don’t be afraid to have some fun like never before. You need to read this book and tell your friends how funny it was. Don’t you just love to tell someone about a good book that they have not yet discovered. They look at you as a person in the know. That’s right just telling them a little of the story, and what they are missing out on. http://richardporterbooks.blogspot.com/
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