Robert Machin

| July 28, 2017


A traditional, short mystery story, with no werewolves, no zombies, no dystopia or post apocalyptic undead.

No prequels or sequels, but simply a disturbing tale of twisted revenge.

Two men share a common memory.
One of them is the twenty-five year old hedonistic, devil may care son of a wealthy business man, living the high life of fast cars, promiscuous sex, and an endless stream of parties.
The other is a seventy-five year old, whose frail body is riddled with terminal cancer, and suffering from aggressive Alzheimer’s disease.
Their lives are linked by the past, but they have one other thing in common – both of them deny being Robert Machin.
Which one of them knows the awful truth?
What dark secret is Nurse Jenny Prideaux hiding from her colleagues?

If you only read one mystery story this year – make sure that it’s this one.

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