Blood is Magic: A Vampire Romance

| July 28, 2017


Rowan’s divorced. Broke. Stalked by an unknown enemy. Things get worse when she hits a handsome stranger with her car. But he’s no ordinary man and soon she finds herself in a dark, dangerous world where vampires play bloody games–and she’s the target.

Colin’s immortal, but no matter his uncanny powers and clan ties, he can’t outrun his tragic past. He’s also the only one who can help Rowan, but at what cost to his loyalties? Only time will tell if he is Rowan’s salvation–or her damnation.

From their small northern California town to the dazzling lights of Paris, Rowan and Colin must outrun their enemy. Yet even as the sparks fly, their growing attraction is threatened by danger and betrayal…

Author’s Note: this is a complete (48,000 words) standalone novel. If you love paranormal romance and happy endings, give it a bite…

First book in a new Vampire series

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