Song In The Grass

| July 29, 2017


‘Salute!’ said Nicholas Fanthorpe. ‘Welcome to The Golden Calf!’

These are the first words of ‘Song In The Grass’ and they are also the last. Over a period of a year the book tells the stories of the intermingled lives of the people Nicholas has welcomed into The Golden Calf to manipulate, and hopefully keep at bay his old and implacable enemy, Boredom.

Some of these stories are funny, some tragic, but all have a strange fascination and certain it is that anyone who has entered into The Golden Calf ambience will not have emerged unchanged. So be thankful if it has never been your misfortune to do so!

On the other side of The Green in this commuter village and directly opposite the Golden Calf is the church. Its sad little Vicar, Arthur Prewitt, is well aware that the dwindling attendance at his services is due to people preferring to drink at The Golden Calf.

Here is the eternal strife between God and the Devil, and God does not appear to be winning

If you are prepared to be shocked, read ‘Song In The Grass’ and find out more.

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