Seasons of Love

| July 30, 2017


Kairys Miraj has money, power and what some people would consider a “mental illness” because of his inability to let go. Kairys doesn’t just want to have his cake and eat it too… He wants to live and breathe in these two women, under the same roof, and at the same time. What Kairys doesn’t anticipate is the two obstacles he will have to overcome in his home just a wing away from one another.

Yolanda Lucas has Kairys’s heart, and she’s everything he’s ever wanted. The bond they’ve built over the years came from the history they shared since childhood… but nothing is perfect, and Yolanda is in for the fight of her life. What does a woman do when the man she loves most gives someone else the TWO things she intends to share with him?

Gabriella Lucas is the wild child, the outgoing and outspoken one…. but what hides below the surface? She can weather any storm. It’s the calm that calls for his assistance. Her sanity isn’t her own because she borrows it from him. Shame and pride has her being resistant. Gabriella love’s her man but will love to be enough to put up with her crazy, violent ways?

Hasan Allen is quiet, but honestly blunt when he is speaking. He says what he wants unapologetically. He’s rough around the edges but is the sanest and knowledgeable one out of the crew. The one person that he dislikes walks into his life and makes him fall head over heels quickly. What happens when opposites attract? A love that has no bounds is what happens. Between his best friend’s drama and the chaos dealing with Gabriella, Hasan could use a break. Will the love he has for the two of them allow him to or will he be too afraid to walk away from the one he loves the most?

Tylen Lucas is young, beautiful and strongly mistaken. With her sights set on a man who should be totally off-limits, she gets way more than what she’s bargain for. Tylen thought she would live out her dreams with the love of her life but finds herself stuck in a nightmare she can’t seem to wake up from.

Deceit has arrived, lies will be told, love will be lost, and Kairys will make no excuses for it because what’s understood doesn’t have to be spoken. While Hasan just wants to love and protect his queen.

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